My first coping with prejudices was when I was just a little girl. Nobody believes that I can read or write at the age of three. 

But I did. For myself and fun.

Nobody believes that I can explain Shakespeare’s Hamlet when I was ten.

I was different:

  • I liked to be alone with my books and music
  • I was a fat kid, but beautiful, really, as I am now
  • I was geek
  • I was good, with manners and well raised
  • I never offend others
  • I never called names anybody
  • I was a karate black belt champion but never beat anybody
  • I was a student of the year but never throw it in anybody’s face
  • I listened to Leonard Cohen when nobody around did
  • I fell in love with Sci-Fi and comic books when nobody did
  • I started to use the internet when nobody around me did know what that is.
  • And, finally, I’ve started to be a rebel when it was not popular.

Now, I’m near my 50, and nothing’s changed. I don’t love people, just a few of them.

I have an unmistakable feeling to trust or not. 

At the outside, I’m an average person full of floss and someone you always know what you can expect of.

Rare people see in me knowledge, experience, the capability to work and lead. Only the 40+ Ex-Gener who thinks she knows something.

Nobody knows how many hours a day I spend learning new stuff. Nobody’s interested in it. There’re so many younger people who can do the work, without a question, of course, or, God forbidden, any doubts and different proposals. And that’s OK – young people like to work with their generation. Seems legit.

But, I want to remind you all, deep in me, I’m like these guys in the video: I can surprise you, my friends, because, I’m not my surface, I’m something totally different:

Kind, sympathetic, sensitive, valuable, original, like a rare diamond that only some experts can notice.

If I reveal all these to you, maybe you will know where to dig, and to find it.

If you’ve found it already, you know I’ll give you my loyalty forever.

Just because you knew where to seek for it.


Nothing is like it looks.

I’m just a big dreamer.